About Us

Gallant 7 Guarding (India) Pvt ltd.( A Division of G7 Group of companies) is a multi-dimensional portfolio of companies that operate in various field of security domains across the India. The foundation of the Group was laid by a rigorous professionals who have wide & vast experience in this profession of man guarding & houskeeping services. Our dedicated team work under guidance & Support of our vetern adept.



GALLANT 7 GUARDING was founded in 2006 by a group of industry experts who had a desire to form a company that sincerely cared about its customers by providing world class customer service, innovative technology, industry leading equipment and monitoring service. During GALLANT 7 GUARDINGâs first year it set industry records. Sending out a

Strength Of The Group Is Over 1500 People From a Network Of Offices Throughout The India

G7 is a dynamic Group which has achieved a reputation for providing innovative, high quality services. Security Service group is committed to quality in the delivery of all of its services. With one of the most experienced management teams in its industry, Security Service has demonstrated that it can develop and implement solutions in a variety

We’re Focusing on What Matters With Home Security

Our experience in the home security and home protection industry has taught us that thereâs very little that matters more than home, family, health and security. So when we began GALLANT 7 GUARDING (INDIA) PVT. LTD., (A DIVISION OF G7 GROUP OF COMPANIES), we wanted to build a company with the same focus.

Our Home Protection Strategy

Offering advanced home security systems to protect your home and family, combined with a service department dedicated to making sure our security systems live up to our reputation is why weâre in business. With corporate office in DELHI (NATIONAL CAPITAL FOR REPUBLIC OF INDIA), sales teams throughout the country, and technical support available

We have pledged to provide quick, inexpensive and professional security services to the clients and partners. Our efforts are focused towards providing progressive and innovative security solutions that match the requirements of the clients. We also prize our efficient support structure, which we leverage to provide services all over India. We